Saturday, April 16, 2011

Free Preparation for the GRE Chemistry Test

A college education can be gotten online for very low cost or even for free, and one of the purposes of this blog is to discuss the various resources which are available online for that. One of the concerns that many people would have with getting a self-directed education with online resources is getting the college credit for it. Charter Oak State College offers 24 hours of college credit for passing any of the GRE subject tests, which are offered in subjects like math, biology, and English literature. I've assembled an assortment of resources for studying for the GRE subject test in chemistry, and will be doing similar articles for the other subjects.

General Chemistry

Wikibooks offers a good introduction.

Chemwiki:The Dynamic Chemistry Textbook from UCDavis is an advanced-level textbook covering various areas of chemsitry including inorganic chemistry and analytical chemistry.

Organic Chemistry

Free online textbook in organic chemistry.

Inorganic Chemistry


Physical Chemistry

Free online textbook for the first semester of a one-year course in physical chemistry.

Physical Chemistry Online

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry Basics