Monday, September 2, 2013

New Source of Free Textbooks

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This blog has been covering numerous sources of free online learning materials. Recently the OpenStax project was developed by numerous college professors who are putting free textbooks online. These professors also seem to be using the free textbooks as the assigned textbook for their courses. If more professors would do the same thing, it would save a lot of students a lot of money. The textbooks which are already online are physics, biology, sociology,  and anatomy. There are also a few more which are planned to come online within the next few months, including chemistry, statistics, and a number of economics textbooks. These look as though they would be a good source for studying for CLEP exams as well. The textbooks are available at this link.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Low Cost College Credit From Saylor

A relatively new addition to the assortment of free online courses is Saylor offers a wide variety of free curricula in subjects like English, chemistry, biology, business administration, mathematics, and art history. Although Saylor isn't accredited, it's possible to get a certificate from them after completing one of their programs of study, or individual courses. Three of their courses have been approved for college credit by the NCCRS:

Business Law and Ethics
Introduction to Western Political Thought
Corporate Communication

You have to take a proctorerd exam in order to get the college credit. However, you have a choice between using ProctorU for a $25 fee or choosing yoir own proctor, such as a librarian. Also, Saylor is in the process of getting more of their courses approved for college credit, meaning that this could soon be a major option for a low cost education.